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JUNE 21, 2018

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Every once in a while I go off on a tangent and try to recapture my youth. I suppose that my love of 60's music is a sign of that. I really enjoy the music of that era. I was a teenager then and I was also a musician. Yes, old, conservative Joe was a child of the sixties - a flower child - complete with bell bottom pants, paisley shirts, Nehru jacket, and a heavy metal peace symbol on a chain. My hair was not overly long - but longer than mom liked.

While I never got into drugs or anything like that, I did embrace the life-style. My experiences at Woodstock only reinforced the way I felt and acted. Woodstock changed everybody who was there. Not everything there was good but, then again, not everything was bad. While I rejected the free-love and drug culture I developed a life-long love for the music.

Up to that time my music experience was high school band and the radio. I had a music teacher, Roy Troy, who believed that you should experience a broad base of music and that included the music of that era that most adults his age rejected. I supposed I have a bit of Mr. Troy in me because I still like all kinds of music.

While most mornings you can hear 60's music around our house, at times you will also hear classical, gospel, country, jazz, and folk music. And every once in a while you will head a little pop music. I don't especially like modern rock music but every once in a while I will hear a song that I do like. A couple of years ago it was Feist - a Canadian singer. She just has a sound that I like.

A few weeks ago I heard another singer who caught my attention. Her name is Mette Lindberg and she sings with a Norwegian group called the Asteroids. You've never heard of her? Maybe not but I bet you've heard her sing. Currently she is singing on a Heineken Beer commercial that is running on TV. While I don't endorse who she is promoting, I have checked into the band's background and they appear to be a good bunch of kids having fun with their music.

The song she is singing is called "Golden Age" and I have found a video of it on YouTube. You too can find it there and just maybe you will enjoy it, too. Maybe not ... it's just a matter of taste. I just thought I'd share it with you. Who knows? You may like it, too.

Sir Joseph

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