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JULY 18, 2018

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Last Thursday the Senior's group at our church, the Happy Group, held it's annual outdoor picnic. Everyone in our group (64 people were at this year's picnic) looks forward to this outing because we always have a good time of fun and fellowship. This year it was held in a small park beside the Susquehanna River. Naturally we prayed for good weather.

The morning of the picnic broke bright and sunny. The humidity was low and there was a light breeze blowing. The sky was a brilliant Carolina blue and, naturally, some of the guys each took credit for the perfect weather.

There was a wide variety of home-cooked food - the best cooks in the church are in our Happy Group. Everyone was told to make a casserole, vegetable or a side dish as plenty of hot dogs would be grilled. For desert there was a huge birthday cake - one of our members was celebrating her 90th birthday. Everything was perfect!

The only thing that bothered people was one guy who was mowing the grass. He made a lot of noise and, when he got near us, some grass was thrown from his mower onto a couple of people. We all wished he'd just leave and mow the grass later.

The picnic was set to begin at 12:30. As is the norm, most people arrived early and we just sat around and talked, told stories, and bragged about our kids and grand kids. Everyone was having a wonderful time.

At 12:15 things got under way. The guys who were doing the grilling had two large grills set up and they poured in generous amounts of charcoal. A large pile of hot dogs was on a small table beside the grill waiting to be placed on the fire. That's when a major problem developed. Not one of the guys doing the grilling had brought a lighter. They fanned out through the crowd asking everyone if they had a lighter or matches.

No one in our Happy Group smokes so no lighter nor matches were found. The park is located several miles from the nearest store so it would take some time to go and fetch a lighter. Everybody was hungry and the anticipated wait didn't set well.

Enter the hero - the guy mowing the grass! As he was mowing, he was smoking a cigarette. One of our group flagged him down and, after a bit of explaining, he gave us his lighter. One of the women. who was evidently smarter than the rest of us, invited him to join us. He parked his mower and got a free dinner.

Two problems solved - the grills got lit, no more loud lawn mower ... and we made a new friend.

Sir Joseph

Castle Bisset Editor

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