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SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

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On the day of our anniversary we decided to have a quiet, candle-lit, Italian dinner at home. Laura wanted spaghetti so that was the menu - spaghetti, warm bread, antipasto salad with bocconcini and green-olive tapenade and a romantic evening at home. Sometimes we use an Italian Restaurant that can whip up a complete dinner in less than an hour and then deliver it to your doorstep. Plus their food was alway delicious.

So at about 5:00 I called them to place our order for a complete spaghetti dinner. The phone rang and rang and I was beginning to think that they were very busy on a Friday night and would get to the phone as soon as they could. But when no one answered after the phone rang for several minutes I thought it might be better if we just ordered online. I looked up their website and got a big surprise - they were out of business! The website said they were moving to a new location and would open in about a month.

Well, that was no help to us. We got on the Internet and looked for another place that would deliver a spaghetti dinner on a Friday night. But we couldn't find anyone else who delivered spaghetti. I was getting desperate so I decided to call Domino's. After checking their menu I found that they didn't have spaghetti at all.

Laura suggested we just go to a restaurant for dinner. We tried several Italian restaurants but, without reservations we found that we had a very long wait. Then I thought of a place where we didn't need reservations - Pizza Hut! Yeah, that was it! We went to Pizza Hut and immediately got a table. The girl gave us a menu and we looked it over from front to back. All kinds of pizza was available, of course, but nary a single strand of spaghetti could we find. When we asked the girl she said they didn't serve spaghetti.

So it was out the door and back in the car. We drove around town looking for Italian restaurants that might take us without reservations. We found one likely looking place on Main street so we decided to give it a try. We parked the car and went to the eatery. We were almost at the door whne a young couple came out. I asked them how the food was. They guy said the food was OK but we probably wouldn't like it. They catered to the college crowd and didn't much care what their food tasted like.

I was getting desperate to get Laura her spaghetti dinner and we almost got inside when a couple of guys came out. One of them remarked to his buddy that the place was a pig sty. That settled it. We headed back to the car.

As we pulled out of the parking lot I got a brain flash. Of course, why didn't I think of it sooner? We could go over by the mall and eat at the Olive Garden. You didn't need reservations there and they had good food. OK, we may have to wait in line a little but I by then I didn't care - I abhor waiting in lines but my desperation overruled the thought of standing in a line like cattle waiting to b e slaughtered.

So it was off to the Olive Garden.

When we got to the Olive Garden we got another shock. The parking lot was full ... completely full!! We circled the building three times but nothing became available. How many people would want to eat at 8:00 on a Friday evening? The rest of the county by the look of things.

We gave up. Laura suggested to go eat down the road at the Cracker Barrel. They don't serve spaghetti dinners but by then we didn't care. It was kinda crowded there too but we found a parking spot near the front door and went in. After a ten minute wait we got a table. Laura didn't mind waiting at all. She spent the time searching through all the stuff they had for sale. She found a rack of American Indian jewelry and was in her glory checking it out.

We finally sat down to eat at about 8:30. Laura had the ham sampler meal and I had roast beef. It wasn't spaghetti but it sure was good.

As a bonus, sitting at a table near us was a girl who lived next door to us for a couple of years and she and Laura had a grand reunion.

I just sat back with a full tummy and enjoyed doing nothing.

The following Sunday was the last day of our vacation and it turned our to be a great day. More about that tomorrow.

Sir Joseph

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