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NOVEMBER 20, 2018

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Sir Joseph's Secret Passageway


I have been cooking most of my life. I cooked family meals when I was a teenager. When I worked on a tugboat in Spain I was the cook for the crew. When we got married Lady Laura took over the cooking except for special occasions.

I prided myself in being able to cook most anything but the first time I cooked a turkey I did make a mistake. I prepared Thanksgiving dinner for guests from out of town. I cooked for many hours using recipes Id found. But the turkey, I confess, was not as I had expected.

I thawed it and then cleaned it with fresh water. I removed the gizzards and other pieces of raw turkey I could not identify at the time. I used my mom's recipe for the stuffing and stuffed as much as I could in the bird. I preheated the over per instructions and after basting it I put the turkey inside.

While the turkey was roasting I made the mashed potatoes, candied apple slices, candied carrots, succotash and got out the cranberry sauce. I got the pumpkin and apple pies out of the fridge and sliced them.

After the prescribed baking time I opened the oven expecting to find a golden brown bird ready to be placed on a platter and placed in the center of the table for my hungry guests. But something was wrong. It didn't look like any other turkey I'd seen before.

It didn't take me long to realized that I had made a huge mistake and cooked it upside down.

Sir Joseph

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